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Mpumi and liema relationship

Last night, Liema decided to end her confusing relationship with Jareed and Mpumi. While the three were talking in the dressing room, with Els there too, they …

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zee and pappi vs Sinaye and Meelay BBMzansi

Last night saw a series of unexpected dramas unfold, leading to what we can simply describe as ‘S’ya Mosha’ content.

Initially, Sinaye was interested in Zee, and …

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papaghost and McJunior

After the pool party, PapaGhost appeared to be harboring the disappointment of the earlier wager loss. It seems he holds McJunior responsible for the defeat, as his …

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big brother season 4 adutions

As the curtains rise for Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 auditions, aspiring housemates, this is your moment to let your main character energy rock South Ah. In

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