Liema:From Relationship End to Unexpected K!ss with Mpumi

Mpumi and liema relationship

Last night, Liema decided to end her confusing relationship with Jareed and Mpumi. While the three were talking in the dressing room, with Els there too, they started arguing but then ended up kissing, which surprised Jareed.

Prior to their wager presentation, Liema confided in Chuenzaaa, expressing her intention to end the ambiguous relationship with both Jareed and Mpumi. However, it appears that Liema’s actions have not matched her words, as she remains entangled with both Jareed and Mpumi.

Amidst the lively atmosphere of the pool party, Jareed, Mpumi, and Liema sought a moment of respite in the restroom. There, Jareed engaged in a conversation with Liema and Mpumi, discussing the difficulty of choosing between the two of them.

After the pool party, Jareed found himself stuck in the dressing area with Liema and Mpumi, trying to sort out their problems. They talked about not trusting each other and their difficult relationship. Then, they brought up the kiss they had in the shower. Mpumi asked Liema why she didn’t want to take things further after the kiss.

Surprisingly, the conversation turned flirtatious, and Mpumi leaned in to kiss Liema. Els, who was there, enjoyed watching the scene.


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