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MCJunior and Liema might be creating a Macliem ship soon

The friendship between Liema and MCJunior took an unexpected turn, evolving into something more than just friends.…

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The Saturday night party brought a whirlwind of drama and unexpected events, making it stand out from the usual gatherings. Els was at the center of attention, …

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It seems that the bond between Jareed and Liema is becoming stronger, as they are now less concerned about others’ opinions regarding their behavior and displays of …

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Jareed Liema

Jareed and Liema have been familiar faces to Sya Mosha viewers since day one, sharing the same space throughout their journey in the 47th edition.

Following the …

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zee and Young Pappi

Young Pappi and Zee seem to have upgraded their friendship although no one wants to admit it.

Whether it was a celebration of a week without either …

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Yolanda and Liema got into fight.

Yesterday, tensions escalated in Biggie’s house as former friends Liema and Yolanda found themselves at odds.
As part of their daily …

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Sinaye and Meelay

Just after midnight, as the night wound down, Meelay and Sinaye met together and shared some moments together, giggling softly.

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The events unfolded in the dressing area became the subject of conversation for McJunior, Meelay, Taki, and Sinaye, who observed everything from the bedroom.

As the drama …

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Els and Mpumi

Mpumi is keeping the identity of an housemate who’s pursuing for a connection with her.

Els and Mpumi also had a moment of their own as they …

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