8 housemates have been nominated – BBMzansi

Eight housemates have been nominated although no evictions.

After the conclusion of the HoH challenge, won by Taki, Biggie called the housemates to the lounge for nominations, adhering to the customary Monday routine of Big Brother Mzansi.

Tonight’s nominations contained a few twists, as earlier communicated by the show’s host, Lawrence Maleka. Firstly, the nominations were fake, meaning there will be no eviction the following Sunday.

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Secondly, the housemates were instructed to conduct face-to-face nominations, where they had to stand in a designated area in the lounge, face their fellow housemates, and select two names while providing reasons for their nominations.

Below is how the housemates nominated

ZintleZee Yolanda Makhekhe
Yolanda Jareed Els
Meeley Liema Jareed
Liema Meelay Papi
Mpumi Liema Meelay
Els Mc jnr Yolanda
Makhekhe Els jareed
Mc Junior Papi Els
Jareed Yolanda Makhekhe
Chuenza Meelay Mackhekhe
Sinaye Mackhekhe Mich
Mich Mc jnr Sinaye
Taki Papi Makhekhe
Papi Mc jnr Liema
Willy Yolanda Liema

This means that the following housemates had the top nominations:
Yolanda, Jareed, Meelay, Liema, Young Pappi, Els, MCJunior
Head of House Taki saved MCjunior and Makhekhe

So the list of housemates on fake nomination:

Yolanda, Jareed, Liema, Young Pappi, Els, Chuenzaaa, Meelay and Makhekhe 

End BBMzansi Week 5 Poll: Who would you save?
  • Els
    You Already Participated!
    13% 13% 38/ 278
  • Meelay
    You Already Participated!
    5% 5% 14/ 278
  • Liema
    You Already Participated!
    21% 21% 60/ 278
  • Makhekhe
    You Already Participated!
    15% 15% 42/ 278
  • Jareed
    You Already Participated!
    12% 12% 34/ 278
  • Chuenzaaa
    You Already Participated!
    3% 3% 9/ 278
  • Yolanda
    You Already Participated!
    15% 15% 44/ 278
  • Young Pappi
    You Already Participated!
    13% 13% 37/ 278
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