BBMzansi: 5 moments steamy moments you might have missed

Norman and sis tamara bbmzansi

What you might have missed in BBMzansi seasons.

We’re just few hours away from the highly anticipated season 4 of Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi),  and as the excitement builds, everyone is curious about what Biggie has planned, especially with the introduction of S’ya Mosha this season. While we try to guess the surprises he might have in store, let’s take a walk down memory lane to five unforgettable Big Brother Mzansi moments that caught us off guard, tugging at our heartstrings or leaving our jaws on the floor.

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Mandla and Lexi’s shower hour

Fans were both shocked and entertained when Mandla, the season 1 winner, was caught on camera being int!mate with his then housemate and now wife, Lexi, during the shower hour segment . This segment, where Biggie showcased housemates taking showers, became a memorable chapter as Themba and Lexi went beyond mere showering. Reflecting on the show, Mandla expressed how he never anticipated finding luv in the house, let alone having children with the same person. Yet, luv bloomed, endured, and now they can enjoy their own private shower hours in the comfort of their home.

Big Brother Mzansi Mandla and Lexi.png

Double Trouble unleashed

On 22 and 23 March 2015, Mzansi witnessed the introduction of 20 housemates who came  in as pairs, hosted by Lungile Radu for the season aptly named Double Trouble. The season brought excitement with pairs like new luvers Bongi and Khali, cousins Bexx and Sox, and the five-year dating couple, Ntombi and Ace, who eventually emerged as the winners. The season also had its share of surprises, including the removal of Adams and Bexx. Interestingly, this didn’t automatically result in the removal of their partners, Tembi and Sox, who chose to stay in the house and became an unexpected pair.

Ace and Nthombi bbmzansi

Enter Lawrence Maleka

After a seven-year hiatus from gracing our TV screens, Big Brother Mzansi season 3 premiered on 23 January 2022, with Lawrence Maleka as the new host under the theme Beke le Beke. Maleka’s takeover from Radu was not unfamiliar, as he had previously hosted shows like Lotto Powerball and Clash of the Choirs SA. Recently declaring himself as “the only host of Big Brother Mzansi, period,” Maleka’s stage presence, energy, wittiness, and quick thinking make him the ideal host for the show.
Big Brother Mzansi Lawrence Maleka

Sis Tamara nominates Terry

Fans rejoiced as an authentic friendship blossomed right before their eyes between Sis Tamara and Terry. Their bond shone bright during moments like getting ready together for parties, with Terry, a makeup artist, ensuring Sis Tamara had a party-ready face-beat. However, the joy turned into surprise when Sis Tamara nominated Terry for possible eviction, citing her as competition, emphasising the cutthroat nature of the game.

terry big brother mzansi head of house

Norman pops the question

When Sis Tamara expressed a desire to be the first queer housemate to receive a proposal in the house, little did he know that Norman would take it to heart. Norman surprised everyone, including Yoli, with a proposal in the house garden . Yoli noted his intentions, assuming he is proposing because all the housemates are watching, and Mzansi had its reservations as well. Despite the noise, Sis Tamara was overjoyed and it was a perfect, perfect, perfect proposal!

Norman and sis tamara bbmzansi



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