BBMzansi housemates according to their star signs

earth bbmzansi housemates

Get to know the BBMzansi housemates according to their star signs.

BBMzansi housemates have all promised to disrupt the house, so we looked into the level of disruption to expect from them according to their zodiac signs.

Fire signs

Fire signs are made up of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. As expected from the name, these zodiacs bring the heat. They are known for their unwavering passion that drives them to overcome any and everything. They are known to bring the chaotic and vibrant energy, just what we need for the S’ya Mosha season. Fire signs can be expected to liven up the spaces around them, but they are known for a touch of stubbornness.

fire bbmzansi housemates

Housemates who we can expect all the heat from are:

Mich, Sinaye, and Willy who are all Leos, and Sammy_M who is the lone Saggitarius in the house.

Water signs

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces all make up the water signs. Water signs are the yin to the fire signs’ yang. When you think water signs, think soft and delicate. These zodiacs carry a gentle energy and are known for their feminine and passive nature. They are intuitive and have an awareness of self and their emotions, baring maternal and nurturing traits. They have a high memory retention and are known for their ability to keep a secret or two.

winter bbmzansi housemates

Housemates with these zodiacs are:

Jareed, Mali, McJunior, Disruptor Neo, and Yolanda who are all Cancers. Els and PapaGhost both Pisces, wrapping up the water signs of the house.

Earth signs

In a house of disruptors, you need a dose of peacemakers to balance things out. This is where the Earth signs come in. Made up of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Earth signs exude peace and hold a patience for the world. You can expect these zodiacs to be the more rational ones in a group, and hold a sense of calm that allows them to proceed with caution and make calculated moves. They can be very fixed in their ways, but that stubbornness brings with it a great loyalty.

earth bbmzansi housemates

Makhekhe, Meelay, Mpumi, and Pale are the rep the Virgos. Disruptor Fahima and Young Pappi are the Taurus of the house, while Zee concludes the Earth signs as the Capricorn.

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Air signs

Air signs are the brainy ones of the zodiacs. They are not always known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, allowing them to make logical decisions rather than emotional ones as expected from water signs. This trait makes them natural leaders. They can be expected to instigate from time to time, which is the right kind of trait that is needed from a season dedicated to disruption. They have an airiness to them which allows them to be free spirited, and the lives of the party.

air bbmzansi housemates

Chuenzaaa is holding the Aquarius fort, while Lerato Modise, Liema and Disruptor Taki are Libras.

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