PapaGhost wishes to continue with Lerato outside the house

papaGhost and lerato

Papaghost is likely to proceed his relationship with Lerato Modise even after School.

PapaGhost has consistently expressed admiration for his newfound acquaintance in the Big Brother Mzansi house, who also happens to be his r0mant!c interest.

In a conversation with Young Pappi, PapaGhost delved into the genuine connection he shares with Lerato Modise. He conveyed his wish for their bond to last until the season’s conclusion, disclosing ongoing discussions with Lerato regarding life beyond the confines of the house.

papaghost and Young Pappi bbmzansi

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When asked by Young Pappi about their plans to solidify their connection, PapaGhost responded, “At this point, we’re discussing it and making plans because life here differs from life outside; only time will reveal the outcome.”

He further shared his contentment with the moments they share, praising Lerato as a humorous and genuine individual with unwavering confidence since her arrival in the house.

The question of whether PapaGhost will follow in the footsteps of individuals like Lexi and Mandla, Gash1 and Thato, who established serious relationships after leaving the house, remains uncertain.

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