Els: If Liema Knows How Many Times I Have K*ssed Jareed, She Would Go on Another Spitting Spree

els on kissing Jareed

In Biggie’s house, Els, who claims to be shy, has surprised many by becoming known as a man-charmer. Despite her discomfort with this reputation, Els hasn’t done much to change it, instead, she’s added fuel to the fire recently. She’s kissed Jareed so many times that she’s lost count. Els took Meelay on a journey through their encounters:

On Day 12, Els stepped into the game by getting involved in Jareed’s marital issues with Liema. During their usual arguments, Els saw her chance to act. Jareed, showing little concern for Liema’s feelings, gave Els the chance to test his resolve.

The first kiss marked the beginning of many, whether in public or in secret. Big Brother orchestrated a week filled with excitement and connections. While some enjoyed the company of others, Els found herself in various situations. Els seized her opportunity to share a special moment with Jareed on Valentine’s Day, the season’s popular contestant. While the kiss didn’t stand out more than others, it was a simple, innocent gesture.

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Her week took an unexpected turn when the hidden kisses came to light. The incidents occurred during a bathroom encounter and a dispute at a party. Both instances were witnessed by Liema, who overheard their kiss through the bathroom walls. A disagreement arose between the secret lovers when Els expressed a desire for public displays of affection while Jareed preferred secrecy. Though Jareed initially silenced Els with a kiss, their disagreement resurfaced during a confrontation at the Saturday Night Party, which Liema stumbled upon.

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