Is Meelay officially Kicking Zee out of Sinaye’s equation?

meelay and Sinaye Big Brother Mzansi

It might appear that Meelay thought last night’s party would be her greatest ever. If that’s true, she definitely got it right.

Meelay was full of energy on the dance floor and was seen dancing with a few housemates, having a blast. PapaGhost was amazed by her confident dance moves while they danced together, but he still enjoyed them. Sinaye was also lucky enough to get some attention from Meelay during the party.

The pair has truly made the most of Love Week, spending a lot of time together when not preparing for the wager. Meelay even mentioned that she has grown fond of Sinaye. Their closeness during the week was evident on the dance floor. Could this closeness hint at something more between them?

Sinaye and Meelay and the Saturday night party

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When not dancing together, they were engaged in lively conversations, the details of which remain unknown.

Meelay recently confided in Biggie that she felt like she wasn’t breaking out of her shell. However, she let her dancing spirit shine through last night.

When Sinaye left to keep his friend Liema company, Meelay continued to dance with Taki. After the party, she had fun teasing PapaGhost, who kept saying, “Meelay knows exactly what I think about her.”


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