VIDEO: Els left disappointed after Jareed’s 4-5 fails

The Saturday night party brought a whirlwind of drama and unexpected events, making it stand out from the usual gatherings. Els was at the center of attention, both during and after the party. Initially seen with Sinaye, speculation arose about a potential connection between them following Meelay’s departure. However, Els then seemed to be seeking out PapaGhost for a whispered exchange, before ultimately spending the rest of the party with Jareed. Their intimate moments, including swapping k-ss*s in front of Liema, nearly sparked confrontation.

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In the aftermath of the party, Jareed and Els attempted to share a tender moment together. However, Els was reportedly disappointed by Jareed’s lackluster performance, likened to cooked spaghetti – soft and unimpressive.


Jareed and Els video Part 1

Jareed and Els Video part 2

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