BBMzansi housemates are battling to adjust to a vegan lifestyle.

BBMZansi housemates Fahima and Pale

The BBmzansi housemates’ daily schedule has been completely disrupted following Biggie’s decision to transition their diet to vegan. This week, there’s a strong push for the housemates to embrace a healthier way of living, emphasized by the distribution of step-counter watches. They’re tasked with a challenge of reaching 200,000 steps within 48 hours, with the consequence of potentially losing their wager if they fall short. Immediately, the housemates dove into a variety of activities in a concerted effort to accumulate their required steps.

During diary sessions, Big Brother checked in with the BBMzansi housemates regarding their new lifestyle, eliciting varied responses regarding the diet change. The transition to a meatless diet presented a unanimous challenge for the housemates, which they communicated to Biggie. While some expressed enthusiasm for embracing a healthier diet, many noted the struggle the majority of the house faced without meat products. Specifically, Chuenzaaa and Zee identified Makhekhe, PapaGhost, and Yolanda as particularly resistant to this week’s dietary theme. McJunior conveyed a mixture of reluctance and interest in veganism but expressed overall satisfaction with the food provided.

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Conversely, some housemates are embracing the new lifestyle with enthusiasm. Liema expressed her aspiration to adopt a vegan lifestyle, seeing this week as the catalyst she needed. This sentiment is shared by Chuenzaaa and Zee, who enjoy trying out new things.

The activity tracking watches provided by Big Brother have quickly become popular among the BBMzansi housemates. They’re now acutely aware of their tendency to idle during the day, a habit they’ve actively curbed since receiving the task of achieving 200,000 steps. With morning gym sessions and impromptu house games, they’re all confident they’ll reach their targets.

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