Sinaye on Zee “I’m not gonna push things on my end”

Sinaye and zee

Sinaye and Zee gearing up for a showdown.

It appears tensions are escalating between Sinaye and Zee, with both reluctant to acknowledge it and instead engaging in a game of cat and mouse.

Lately, Zee has grown closer to Young Pappi, possibly due to Sinaye’s aloofness towards her, treating her more like a sibling because of his girlfriend outside the house.

Yesterday, he confided in Taki and Liema about his feelings regarding Zee, expressing frustration over feeling like he’s pushing things and that the conversation often feels one-sided: “I’m not going to force anything on my end.”

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Sinaye speaking to the rest of the housemates

Later, Disruptor Fatima shared a bed with Sinaye, seemingly without bothering Zee, as she likely realizes he will eventually return to his girlfriend outside the house.

Sinaye and Fatima


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