BBMzansi season 4 Launch, what you missed.

BBMZansi season 4 launch

What you might have missed during the BBMzansi season 4 Launch

After close to 4 months of waiting, finally the biggest reality TV show in Mzansi finally came to our screens, BBMZansi season 4 launch.

Kicking off the show with a mashup of Mzansi’s finest artists, Tyler ICU, Tumelo.ZA, LeeMcKrazy and Khalil Anderson as well as Kamo Mphela alongside Soweto’s finest dancers was the best way to welcome our oh so fabulous host, Lawrence Maleka.

Lawrence looked stunning in his proper blue and black tailored tuxedo and later wazibhandisha some more in a navy double-breasted suit. Makhekhe working the crowd and enjoying the attention and couldn’t even think of what he’d miss as he enters the house. Like a kid in the candy store, Makhekhe wasted no time in acquainting himself with his new crib.

From checking out the stove and going “I l0v3 to cook, I love to cook” before heading for the fridge just to make sure. BravoB, self-acclaimed councilor of the Bhinca nation, came dressed the part in a navy safari suit and the iconic Zulu headpiece. A man of a few words, he was clear about one thing though, that he will be taking the R2 Million when he leaves the house. Sinaye continued the traditional gear trend in his black and white two-piece and a matching beaded headpiece. Sinaye’s strategy is to be the absolute best version of himself. As for Mcjunior, he had to clear the air about his fear of small holes, clarifying that he has bad Trypophobia. Go ahead and google it.

Opening it up for the ladies was Yolanda and she set the bar very high in her pink mini skirt, silver thigh high boots and an equally flattering giant sequin cropped jacket. Never mind that she catwalked through that stage, giving the perfect model poses. Pink seemed to be on trend tonight as Mpumi also rocked up in a similar revealing coloured short dress while Pale took it easy in a royal blue long dress, all matchy matchy with Lawrence. Meanwhile, Mali was not to be outdone as she appeared in a bright red mini dress with a long long long tail with matching thigh high boots and she carried it.

Willy and Jareed seemed to have gone to the same tailor because their outfits were giving some sort of symmetry – definitely the lines and the texture. Asked what he’s famous for, Jareed didn’t hesitate to say “Ngidume ngama looks”. As they were settling into their new house, Sinaye complimented Makhekhe for being the first ever Big Brother Mzansi S’ya Mosha housemate. “No one can ever take that away from you,” he insisted. How cute is the camaraderie though? Young Pappi’s eccentric outfit ate and left no crumbs and Lawrence had to dig deeper about the meaning of his name.

Liema followed the pink trend but she gave it a bit of a twist in a flared mini with high heeled strappy sandals – the kind that straps right up to the thighs. Did we mention that Mich rocked up looking like he had just stepped out of a 90s R&B album cover? Yeah! He did that, and he did it with so much pizzazz. That mustard three-piece baggy suit was giving retro and fresh at the same time. The bright orange clad Sammy_M literally hoped the ground would swallow her when Lawrence wanted her to repeat what she always has in her handbag.

Though she had confidently mentioned her lip balm, cellphone and mirror, it was the other ‘L’ word that he wanted. “I’m bringing drama, sass and everything nice,” Meelay promised while Zee came looking all cute in an all baby blue two piece. Chuenzaaa came prepared for that spotlight and left Lawrence charmed and dancing for days after they declared that they would take their mom, sister and Lawrence if they won a holiday. Their blonde wig and all-red look was definitely the business.

The moment Lerato Modise stepped onto the live show stage, the crowd burst into “Vulindlela” in honour of her unconventional outfit, a wedding dress. For the first time ever, Lawrence was speechless especially because he had the honours of unveiling her. Lerato Modise referred to herself as a cultural provocateur and instigator. That was loud and clear. Still going with that wedding theme, PapaGhost came through with the white suit with a twist – his pants were all lace and that thing he did with the silk scarf slapped. Last but certainly not least was Els whose play on the Zulu traditional dress left us all gagged. One of our highlights of the night was definitely the DJ Tira and Dladla Mshunqisi performance – what?

At the tail end of the live launch show, Lawrence had one more twist up his sleeve and he let us all in on the three Disruptors who will basically be in the game for ukumosha!

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