Pale to Yolanda: ‘You look like a cow, Doctors failed to fix you’

Yolanda and Pale Altercation

Yolanda and Pale got into a heated altercation over a piece of steak.

Yesterday, in the Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 house, tensions flared between housemates Yolanda and Pale during a confrontation stemming from Yolanda and Lerato Modise’s consumption of a steak without sharing with Pale.

Amidst a week focused on vegan diets, Lerato Modise couldn’t resist the temptation and so decided to eat the steak, which she then shared with Yolanda, triggering a confrontation between Pale and Yolanda.

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Pale immediately confronted Yolanda, accusing her of selfishness, a notion that didn’t sit well with her, sparking a verbal altercation.

Pale accused her of engaging in childish behavior despite being the oldest in the house. Yolanda retorted by pointing out her youthful appearance and advising her to take better care of herself, suggesting monitoring her body, nice makeup, and stylish dressing. In response, she criticized Yolanda’s mention of her body stating, “You’re talking about  my body yet looking like a cow! Even doctors couldn’t fix  you.”

Pale’s reference to Yolanda’s skin issue drew criticism from many netizens, who found it inappropriate and offensive.

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