Today, the bbmzansi house welcomed special guests Khosi, the winner of Big Brother Titans, and singer Phila Madlingozi. The duo enjoyed lunch with the housemates and engaged in discussions about life in the house, sharing insights about their own experiences and talents. To conclude the visit on a fun note, they participated in a game of truth or dare, adding an exciting twist to the day’s activities.

Khosi inside the BBMzansi house

Khosi and Phila were warmly welcomed into the house by the excited housemates, who eagerly showed them around while engaging in friendly conversation. Khosi couldn’t resist commenting on the decor and layout, drawing comparisons to her own season. Amidst the tour, Yolanda cheekily inquired about Khosi’s BBTitans partner, Miracle OP. “We’re not supposed to spill secrets,” Khosi responded with a laugh. Yolanda couldn’t help but share some gossip about romantic encounters in the house during the tour, adding a playful atmosphere to the visit.

Shortly after their arrival, Khosi and Phila engaged the housemates in a discussion about living in the moment and avoiding a victim mentality. Khosi elaborated on this during a gathering around the dining table, sharing insights from her own experience and emphasizing that everything in the house is part of the game.

Khosi and yolanda

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Lunchtime conversations centered around the housemates’ skills and talents, with Liema revealing that she had participated in the same season of Idols South Africa as Phila but didn’t progress to the live shows. The group also debated the significance of skills versus formal education, ultimately agreeing that both are valuable for a well-rounded life.

Khosi stressed the importance of teamwork, highlighting that the strength of the group relies on its weakest member. Phila encouraged the housemates to embrace their unique talents, drawing from his own experience after appearing on South African Idols.

Following discussions about their skills, Lerato Modise jokingly requested a wig from Khosi, known for her stunning hair. Khosi graciously agreed and offered wigs to other interested ladies, as well as Chuenzaaa.

Khosi visits BBMzansi housemates

To conclude their visit, Biggie’s guests organized a game of truth or dare in the garden, involving all the housemates. However, McJunior and Mpumi seemed bewildered by the proceedings, a deliberate move by McJunior who had expressed reluctance to engage with guests from BBTitans due to unfamiliarity.



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