Sinaye referred to Zee as “Dr Phil”

Sinaye and Zee Big Brother Mzansi

Sinaye’s troubles have led him to seek a confidant, ultimately leading him to Zee, who passionately shared advice on navigating the Big Brother Mzansi house.

Perplexed, Sinaye dubbed Zee “Dr. Phil” after their spontaneous therapy session, during which he disclosed his moral dilemmas stemming from his actions in the house.

His thoughts continually fixated on his girlfriend, consumed by anticipation regarding her reaction upon his departure from the S’ya Mosha house. Zee advised him to refrain from dwelling on matters beyond his control and to tackle them as they arise.

Echoing Khosi’s sentiments, she emphasized the importance of being present, underscoring that opportunities like this are rare and shouldn’t be squandered.

This follows Sinaye’s recent late-night k!ss with Meelay, his previous connection with Zee. Both former romantic partners discussed the transformative influence of the house on one’s behavior, a phenomenon understood only by those who have lived within its confines. Zee isn’t the first to advise Sinaye to prioritize his gameplay over his relationship, a task he finds daunting in practice.

While Zee may have successfully compartmentalized her emotions from outside the house to those within it, she appears to have struggled with feelings of betrayal after Young Pappi and Liema shared a secret kiss, ultimately exposed.

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Young Pappi confided in Makhekhe about his suspicions regarding Zee’s potential retaliation for his breach of trust. Makhekhe grappled with the notion that Young Pappi and Zee might have developed feelings for each other, as their actions suggest more than mere friendship.

While Zee may have found it in her heart to forgive Young Pappi, Jareed couldn’t imagine extending the same level of grace. Engaging in a candid conversation with McJunior and Taki, the guys discussed their boundaries when it comes to infidelity.

They unanimously agreed that any form of oral *** would be unforgivable, as it represents a level of intimacy they couldn’t bear. McJunior added that if his partner were to cheat, he would prefer she be transparent about the details, to stimulate his imagination rather than leaving him in the dark.

Temporarily setting aside their emotions, the housemates grooved to the beats of DJ Linda Moeketsi during the Saturday Night Party, donning their personalized denim dungarees.

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