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big brother mzansi housemates

The Top 5 had die-hard fans who fought till the end for their fave! Here is how their fans took them to the finish line, while making sure they each break the internet throughout season 3 of Big Brother Mzansi!

There’s no reality TV show with the level of fan dedication we get to see on Big Brother. And Big Brother Mzansi was no different! As soon as this season’s group of Housemates entered the House, Africa began identifying which Housemate they felt the most drawn to!

By the end of the first week, each Housemate had their own legion of dedicated followers rallying, campaigning, stanning, drooling, crying, yelling, and just about anything short of passing out when they appear on the screen. What’s more, each Housemate’s group of stans too a deep dive into their fave’s character, and used that to define their stan assembly. Here’s a look at the Top 5’s fan cultures.


Mphowabadimo’s fans reveled in everything she stood for. From her beauty to her life’s calling as a spiritual healer, the snuff she brought in the House, her sense of fashion, and her dance moves. Since her work involves communication with ancestors, the 2000s began calling themselves “the underground gang”. Now that she’s the BBMzansi S3 winner, there’s no doubt of their power. But throughout the season, the underground gang’s fierceness could not be denied!

For one, many there turned down a few ships. The message was clear; Vote for Mphowabadimo and Mphowabadimo ALONE!”. So by the time Nthabii, her best friend in the House was nominated with her, they’d made sure everyone knew all their votes were going to their Queen. You know how they felt when, after winning, Mphowabadimo said, “God saved the Queen”. “Thokoza gogo”, sums up that glee!


Gash1’s fans are powerful and it showed; the man ended up coming so close to the R2 million. Here’s the most remarkable thing about the Gashers; they will never back down from flowing with the highs and lows of Gash1’s elaborate game in the House. Gash1 prided himself on being a strategist, and played his game with the focus of a hunter. Sometimes it worked, other times it led to a backlash in the House.

Fortunately for him, the Gashers outside were always on standby to let everyone know that this is a game, it must be played and played well! Another remarkable thing about the Gashers? They made SURE! Gash1 stood up for nominations every other week, but the force of the Gashers was powerful enough to deliver him to the Top 2. Not to mention how his relationship with Thato instantly made them a ‘power couple’, because the man is a hero to his fans.

big brother mzansi housemates


What you won’t do, is pretend you have never felt the power and influence of the Ghost Nation! ‘THE MONEY IS GHOSTED’ has trended more times than we care to count! So did ‘PARTY WITH THEMBA’ whenever the Saturday Night Party came on air. Themba’s fans have been confident from day one, and never missed the opportunity to make sure we know ‘The Ghost’ is an icon, a legend, and the moment.

They trended their fave everywhere. They enjoyed the main character energy. They also laughed at his goofy ways, appreciated his undeniable fashion sense, honoured his artistic gifts, fought his enemies, supported his alliances, and spoke the Dracula accent just as much. The Ghost Nation is a force that shook the country!


Libo was one of the sweetest and kindest souls in the House. Until the very end, he made sure to remain true to himself and not fall victim to the seductions of backstabbing, flip flopping and snitching to move forward in the game. Libo Bombs loved that their fave was not only stunning with a physique of a gym god, but also kind to his fellow Housemates. Libo Bombs were never taking any slander directed at i-Boy! They stood, they fought, they campaigned, they represented until the end.

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One thing about Tulz, he played a big game! It shifted the landscape of the House, influence the direction of Nominations and kept him from ever standing up for Nominations. His game in the House was so good that the public started suspecting his jersey is imbued with magical powers. How else could they explain how he always outplayed – to the point of being HoH three times this season? How he got saved twice by Sis Tamara? How Themba took him to the Top 5?

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