Sinaye told Zee that Fahima fell asleep on his bed

Zee is not happy about the relationship that is developing between Sinaye and Disruptor Fahima.

Zee finds herself grappling with a complex array of emotions as she observes the budding connection between Sinaye and the disruptor, Fahima. The situation first came to Zee’s attention when she learned from Young Pappi, her informant, that Fahima had shared a bed with Sinaye and allegedly engaged in c##ddl!ng—a revelation that left Zee silently wounded.

Complicating matters further, Zee herself shared int!mate moments with Young Pappi, including k!sses, adding a layer of personal confusion to the mix. During her diary session with Biggie, Zee candidly expressed her inner turmoil, voicing her bewilderment over the dynamics of her relationship with Sinaye.

Confronted with the apparent contradiction between Sinaye’s words and actions, Zee expressed her frustration, stating, “Sinaye told me that he likes me but apparently he seems so interested in Fahima. Last night they were cuddling. I don’t want to seem like I’m controlling him in the house, but you can’t tell me one thing and do another.”

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Pressed by Biggie to articulate her desires, Zee found herself at a loss, confessing, “I really don’t know.” Amidst the uncertainty, Sinaye sought out Zee to offer apologies and clarification regarding the events that transpired, aiming to mend the rift and provide insight into his perspective.



Sinaye Later apologised for his actions and they came to good terms with zee

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