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McJunior bbmzansi

Not MCJunior hiding meat from Housemates!

Yesterday, MCJunior relished the additional treat from his cooker in the kitchen. He aimed to share it with Jareed (Mr. J), …

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Taki has been appointed as this week’s Head of House.

Today, Taki emerged victorious in the head of House challenge, earning the title of Head of House. …

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head of House McJunior on wager task preparations

After suffering a devastating 100% loss in their wager last week, the housemates are proceeding with caution as they decide to wager 80% of their BBM notes …

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zee and Young Pappi plus Sinaye

Emotions ran high among the housemates during the live show, particularly due to the departure of three housemates and host Lawrence Maleka stirring the pot with his …

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Liema gets a dagger from Pale

Pale didn’t hesitate to throw a dagger at Liema

During the 5th Live Sunday eviction show, housemates Pale was shown a gate after obtaining the least number …

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Big Brother called all six nominated housemates, except for Lerato Modise, who was nominated in place of Taki, and inquired about their most cherished memories from their …

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wager task presentation

The housemates gathered in the arena and performed in pairs to the music assigned to them on Monday. However, their wager performance fell short of Biggie’s expectations. …

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liema and Jareed plus Mpumi

Mpumi insists that everyone in the house came alone and she’s there to focus on the game. Her Valentine’s Day ended in her well-known red outfit in …

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valentines day mood

Valentine’s Day, a day known for love, romance, and celebration, took an unexpected turn in Biggie’s house. Housemates found themselves dealing with gloomy moods and unmet expectations.…

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Meelay Big Brother Mzansi

Meelay feels the need to make a fast connection before valentine clocks.

Being single for a long time has made Meelay used to doing things on her …

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