Day 46: Housemates win 100% of their wager

Centered around the theme “face your fears,” the housemates crafted a wager presentation that showcased their deepest terrors, things that haunt their nights with dread.

Their film depicted chilling scenes such as missing children, abandoned houses, snakes, rats, corpses, and witches, capturing the essence of their collective fears.

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The housemates confidently wagered 100% for this week’s wager because they were confident that they could keep up their winning streak

The presentation showcased Detectives Jackson and Shoes embarking on a quest to find Ratanang, Sis Meisie’s missing child in Brothersville.

watch detective Jackson and Shoes in action

Ratanang had vanished during a full moon, prompting the detectives to scour various locations in search of clues. However, their efforts only led them down darker paths, uncovering a traitor among their supposed helpers.

Housemates during wager presentation

Biggie praised the housemates for their courageous performance, recognizing the challenges and fears associated with the week’s theme. Head of House Mpumi agreed, acknowledging the theme’s difficulty and highlighting the pranks they played on each other and the teamwork involved in creating the presentation.

Biggie underscored the importance of overcoming fears and expressed pride in witnessing some housemates conquer theirs.

For their creativity, ability to evoke fear, and overall entertainment value, the housemates received another positive outcome from Big Brother! Congratulations to them!


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