MCJunior crowned the Head of House again

MCJunior will be the Head of House yet again this week.

MCJunior clinched victory to become the Head of House for this week. As usual, the housemates were summoned to the Arena for the Monday Head of House challenge. The competition consisted of four rounds of elimination.

  1. Bouncing Hearts:

In this game, each housemate was tasked with bouncing three balls on the table so that they passed through a heart-shaped hole.

Head of house games
On this round 9 housemates qualified; PapaGhost, Els, Jareed, mich, chuenzaaa , makhekhe, Sinaye, Meelay and MCJunior.

2.  Stack of the hearts

In this game, contestants aimed to stack as many chocolate hearts as possible within one minute. Five housemates successfully completed this challenge: MCJunior, Jareed, Meelay, PapaGhost, and Els.
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3. Dart Challenge

The housemates selected a number that determined how many darts they could use, with a maximum of six. They then aimed to throw the darts at the numbers on the board. Here MCJunior and Els progressed to the final round.

Head of house challenge, darts game

4. Ring Toss

This game tests accuracy under pressure as both housemates attempt to throw rings onto bottles. Each Housemate was given two rings.

Ring toss head of house change

At the end of the game, MCJunior was declared the winner after successfully putting all his two rings inside the bottle.

After declaring him the winner of HoH, he chose Taki as his guest.



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