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Els explains her willingness to k*ss anyone in the house after a game of truth or dare.

The S’ya Mosha housemates had a lively night playing truth or dare, building up to an entertaining display of the season’s first k!sses. Fans were treated to a show when Els planted a 15-second k!ss on disruptor Taki, prompted by a dare from Sammy_M. When her name was called, she leaped from her seat and headed straight for Taki, creating a memorable moment. The dare was not directed at her but she was more that open to the k!ss.

The morning after, Els and Mcjunior recalled the k!ssing escapades as they worked on their cardboard self-designs. Mcjunior expressed surprise at how quickly Els was willing to k!ss Taki during the game. Els playfully teased Mcjunior, calling him boring and asserting that she would k!ss anyone she desires. “It’s not that deep, Junior,” Els quipped, emphasising her commitment to living her best life, with her mother’s approval in mind.

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The second k!ss of the night unfolded between Jareed and Liema, featuring a 20-second exchange that left fans with mixed feelings. Moments after the k!ss, Jareed boldly declared, “We look good together,” proposing they check themselves out in the mirror.

Jareed embraced Liema from behind, asking if she felt safe in his arms, to which she responded, “I feel like I belong.” The duo continued to flirt, with Liema expressing appreciation for Jareed’s vernacular-speaking style. The self-proclaimed flirt, Liema, asked Sinaye in the morning of his opinion of her and Jareed. His response: “I like your banter.” Could this be the beginning of an entanglement?

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