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First HoH, Mich and Immunity card Holder Sammy_M enjoying a breath of sign this week

Mich and Sammy_M have all the reason to be happy this week because of the immunity power. The Big Brother Mzansi season 4 Nomination Live Show took an unprecedented turn when, after all the housemates had gone through their nominations of each other, Biggies decided to put them all up for eviction this week. Each housemate had to nominate two of their fellow housemates for possible eviction but that was quickly watered down when Biggie announced the sudden turn of events.

The housemates were evidently shocked to hear this, some even letting out a huge sigh while others maintained their cool.

As a part of his privilege, HoH Mich enjoys immunity from eviction this week. Immunity is extended to Sammy_M as the Eye of Immunity winner, and Fahima, Neo, and Taki as the season’s disruptors.

The table below shows how all the housemates had nominated, which should give Mzansi an idea of how they feel about each other as the game heats up.


Housemate Nomination #1 Nomination #2
BravoB McJunior Sinaye
Chuenzaaa PapaGhost Mpumi
Els *Disruptor Neo *Disruptor Fahima
Jareed McJunior Lerato Modise
Lerato Modise Mpumi Yolanda
Liema PapaGhost Lerato Modise
Makhekhe Sinaye Yolanda
Mali BravoB Meelay
McJunior PapaGhost Sinaye
Meelay McJunior *Disruptor Taki
Mpumi Els Zee
Pale McJunior Yolanda
PapaGhost Pale Yolanda
Sinaye Yolanda McJunior
Willy Els *Disruptor Taki
Yolanda Lerato Modise Makhekhe
Young Pappi McJunior Mali
Zee McJunior Mali
HoH Mich  Lerato Modise PapaGhost
*Disruptor Fahima Lerato Modise Els
*Disruptor Neo Meelay Els
*Disruptor Taki  Yolanda Jareed
Eye of Immunity holder


Lerato Modise Yolanda


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