Housemates wager 80 percent of their BBM notes

head of House McJunior on wager task preparations

After suffering a devastating 100% loss in their wager last week, the housemates are proceeding with caution as they decide to wager 80% of their BBM notes shopping allowance this week.

The HoH, McJunior, decided to add a touch of anxiety by hinting at a potential 100% wager in the diary room. This caused a momentary panic among the housemates. However, his only feedback after making the wager was simply, “Let’s just work harder.”

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In their collective effort to secure a wager victory, the housemates must organize themselves into three teams, each consisting of five members. They have been given 10 minutes to complete this assignment, and they divide themselves accordingly.

Here’s how the teams are organized:

TEAM 1 – Blue TEAM 2 – Green TEAM 3 – Red
Taki (Captain) Mpumi (Captain) Willy (Captain)
Chuenzaaa, Els Jareed
Liema Meelay Makhekhe
Sinaye Mich Yolanda
Zee Young Pappi McJunior

Upon realizing which team she had been placed in, Els attempted to initiate a swap. However, none of her teammates were willing to accommodate her request, and the team names were finalized before she could make a change.

This week, the three teams will collaborate to devise a team name, slogan, war cry, flag, and T-shirts. Additionally, they must create a small team mascot and articulate the significance of teamwork.

Adding to the excitement, the winning team will be entrusted with purchasing luxuries, significantly intensifying the competition. Following the final briefing, housemates immediately delved into their tasks, with fans eagerly anticipating how preparations will unfold without the leadership of PapaGhost, who is renowned for taking charge of such endeavors, as he is currently out of the house.

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