Big Brother Mzansi’s Tulz the first and last HoH

big brother mzansi tulz

The third time is the charm, Tulz is the last HoH in the Big Brother Mzansi game.

Like clockwork Tulz’s luck has come full circle in the HoH Games. From being the first Housemate to win Head of House – he is now the last Head of House in the Big Brother Mzansi.

In today’s game, Biggie required the Housemates to play a game called Housemates Rescue. Since Themba was not able to play in tonight’s lineup, he acted as Biggie’s umpire. Housemates were presented with four bowls filled with water. Each bowl contained 30 pictures, two for each ex-Housemate.

big brother mzansi tulz

In this game, the remaining Housemates were required to rescue all 15 Housemates and take them back to a place of safety, which in this case was the allocated table on the opposite end. Using only their mouth to retrieve one picture at a time, they were required to race back and forth until all 15 images were found.

Although it looked like a walk in the park, the Task was not as easy as it seemed. Gash1 laboured through the challenge only to find two pictures. We guess he spent a lot of time trying to save himself from drowning in that bowl of water. Libo and Mphowabadimo tied at 14 pictures while Tulz luckily scored just one more picture in time to make a complete set of 15 Housemates – now guess whose luck shined the brightest tonight? Tulz of course!

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We are in Finale Week and this win is just an added milestone for Tulz we wish him luck on his journey, we hope the third time is the charm for him.

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