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Liema leaves Big Brother Mzansi season 4 R 250k richer

Renowned as the season’s songstress, Liema has gracefully evicted the game by opting for a 250,000 cheque …

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Liema has one more strike to be removed.

In the recent development, attention shifted to Yolanda and Liema, who each received a strike following a heated argument …

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Yolanda and Liema got into fight.

Yesterday, tensions escalated in Biggie’s house as former friends Liema and Yolanda found themselves at odds.
As part of their daily …

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Mpumi and liema relationship

Last night, Liema decided to end her confusing relationship with Jareed and Mpumi. While the three were talking in the dressing room, with Els there too, they …

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jareed polygamous journey with liema and Mpumi

Jareed seems to have made his polygamous journey formal.

After yesterday’s pool party, it appears that Jareed has publicly acknowledged his decision to pursue a polygamous journey. …

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Just when we thought we had witnessed everything, Jareed and his companions, Liema and Mpumi, astonished us with an unprecedented maneuver that caught everyone off guard.

In …

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Big Brother called all six nominated housemates, except for Lerato Modise, who was nominated in place of Taki, and inquired about their most cherished memories from their …

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Just when we thought things were going downhill between Jareed and Liema, they surprised us.

On Valentine’s Day, Liema confronted Jareed, telling him not to speak to …

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Jareed not yet given up on pursuing Liema

It seems Jareed is finding it hard to settle with either Mpumi or Liema.

During a conversation about ships, …

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Liema and Mpumi talking about jareed

Liema and Mpumi meet again

It seems that Liema is determined to pursue what she believes rightfully belongs to her: Jareed. Once again, Liema and Mpumi met …

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