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Regrettably, Yolanda’s journey in the Big Brother Mzansi season 4 house has come to an end, she has been disqualified.

The organizers of Big Brother Mzansi, Multichoice, …

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Liema has one more strike to be removed.

In the recent development, attention shifted to Yolanda and Liema, who each received a strike following a heated argument …

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Yolanda and Liema got into fight.

Yesterday, tensions escalated in Biggie’s house as former friends Liema and Yolanda found themselves at odds.
As part of their daily …

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Makhekhe expresses his displeasure at Willy and Yolanda swapping lips at last Thursday’s pool party.

Makhekhe and Yolanda had a conversation this morning in the garden, during …

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Week 4 big brother Mzansi nominations

After completing their Head of House challenge that was won by MCJunior, Biggie summoned housemates one by one in the Diary Room to cast their nominations on …

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Yolanda and Pale Altercation

Yolanda and Pale got into a heated altercation over a piece of steak.

Yesterday, in the Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 house, tensions flared between housemates Yolanda …

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Yolanda dying to have PapaGhost, she vows to wait for him to make a move on her.

Yolanda is patiently hoping for PapaGhost to listen to his …

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Yolanda and Lerato bbmzansi

‘Forgive the evil thing that spoke’ Lerato tells Yolanda

PapaGhost, Yolanda, Liema, and Jareed are dedicated to preserving genuine bonds within the household, and they conveyed to …

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yolanda and Lerato

The Beef between Lerato Modise and Yolanda is gaining heights everyday.

Lerato Modise during in today’s emphasised her dislike for Yolanda. It’s unsurprising because in the …

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Yolanda Big Brother Mzansi

Men in their 40s are a type, and Chuenzaaa and Yolanda will not back down without a fight.

Biggie’s housemates spent the day getting to know each …

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