Sinaye admits that he was cooked by Mich

Sinaye is still grappling with the aftermath of Lawrence’s table-shaking last Sunday.

He finds himself in a vulnerable position after being singled out during the face-to-face nominations, placing him on the chopping block for the week. During the recent live eviction show, Lawrence questioned MCJunior about labeling Makhekhe as a spineless liar for ingratiating himself with the influential housemates, while Sinaye, who reports information to Taki, is considered loyal. This revelation has led to trust issues among the housemates towards Sinaye, and he admitted that Lawrence’s actions have disrupted his game plan.

During the live face-to-face nomination show on Monday, Mich unleashed a tirade against Sinaye and Taki, branding them as gossip news traveller queens unfit for the game.


Sinaye later confessed to Taki, Els, and Meelay that he felt overwhelmed. He admitted, “I ain’t gonna lie, I got cooked, bro.” Taki offered reassurance, advising him to let it go and focus on his game.

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