Biggie issues Liema and Yolanda each a strike

Liema has one more strike to be removed.

In the recent development, attention shifted to Yolanda and Liema, who each received a strike following a heated argument that spiraled out of control. What began as a minor disagreement over food quickly escalated into a regrettable exchange of insults from Liema and a physical altercation after Yolanda poured a drink on Liema from the upper floor.

Housemates gathered in the lounge

The familiar scene unfolded as housemates were summoned to the lounge, anticipation thick in the air. As they gathered, Biggie reminded them of Article 16 of the rule book, emphasizing that violence, whether directed towards oneself or others, would not be tolerated. Provocation, bullying, and discriminatory language were deemed equally reprehensible, with penalties at Big Brother’s discretion.

Yolanda bbmzansi
Yolanda big brother mzansi

This incident marked Yolanda’s first-time offense, but Liema received another strike, bringing her total to two. One more strike would result in her disqualification from the Big Brother house.

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Liema had previously received her first strike for spitting on some housemates after a Thursday pool party.

Liema big brother mzansi

A week earlier, Makhekhe had received a double strike for his post-pool party comments. Additionally, Liema, along with Jareed and Mpumi, received a warning for obstructing Big Brother’s cameras and placing a towel over Jareed’s bed, with Mpumi receiving a strike.

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