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MCJunior wins Big Brother Mzansi 2024

This season, Biggie gathered 23 lively characters under one roof to deliver the most exhilarating season yet, and McJunior emerges as …

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MCJunior, PapaGhost, and MamaGhost (Lerato Modise) are still at odds.

Ever since MCJunior and PapaGhost clashed, tensions have simmered, with both vowing to oust each other from …

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McJunior bbmzansi

Not MCJunior hiding meat from Housemates!

Yesterday, MCJunior relished the additional treat from his cooker in the kitchen. He aimed to share it with Jareed (Mr. J), …

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MCJunior will be the Head of House yet again this week.

MCJunior clinched victory to become the Head of House for this week. As usual, the housemates …

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MCJunior and PapaGhost

Housemates are concerned about the outcomes of the wager performance after yesterday’s altercation .

Yesterday there was an altercation between MCJunior and PapaGhost after Fahima expressed her …

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McJuniornew head of house

MCJunior wins Head of House challenge

Following McJunior’s victory as the Head of House (HoH) for week 3, the current occupants of the HoH bedroom remain unchanged. …

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Mcjunior Big Brother Mzansi

MCJunior seems like a broken man after Fahima trying to play him a strategic game

In the garden, McJunior sits alone, his demeanor pensive and laden with …

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