McJunior wins HoH, one disruptor will become an housemate

McJuniornew head of house

MCJunior wins Head of House challenge

Following McJunior’s victory as the Head of House (HoH) for week 3, the current occupants of the HoH bedroom remain unchanged. McJunior succeeded Disruptor Neo, whose tenure was deemed successful by her fellow housemates. The HoH challenge involved swinging two balls in pantyhose, aiming to knock over 20 cups in the shortest time. McJunior, Mich, and PapaGhost advanced to the second round for hitting the most cups swiftly. Ultimately, McJunior claimed the HoH throne with agility and precision, while Neo, as a gesture of gratitude for his previous support, serves as his deputy during his reign.

Subsequently, discussions among housemates shifted to McJunior’s leadership style. While YoungPappi sees leadership potential in him, Mich expresses concerns about his emotional well-being. Nevertheless, McJunior is fortunate to have a competent deputy to assist him in fulfilling his duties effectively, especially as they collaborate towards winning another wager in the “health is wealth” themed week.

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Usually, the HoH title comes with the benefit of not only the HoH bedroom but immunity as well. This week, however, the latter does not apply because it’s a nomination-free week. This means that no one is going home, but instead, the house will become a home for one of the Disruptors. From tonight until Thursday night, fans have the opportunity to rate the Disruptors ,and either Fahima, Neo, or Taki will become an official Big Brother Mzansi housemate. Sunday’s live eviction show will only see the departure of the two Disruptors with the lowest rating. Housemates went thorugh the normal process of nominating each other with reasons, but unbeknown to them, their nominations are fake.

The fake nominations were tense as always, and the housemates nominated as per below:

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Chuenzaaa Fahima Willy
Els Yolanda Lerato Modise
Jareed PapaGhost Lerato Modise
Fahima Chuenzaaa Fahima
Lerato Modise Pale Mich
Liema Meelay Els
Mpumi Yolanda PapaGhost
Makhekhe Pale Taki
McJunior Lerato Modise YoungPappi
Meelay Fahima Pale
Mich PapaGhost Fahima
Neo PapaGhost Lerato Modise
PapaGhost Yolanda Mich
Pale PapaGhost Lerato Modise
Sinaye PapaGhost Meelay
Taki Yolanda PapaGhost
Willy PapaGhost Yolanda
Yolanda Lerato Modise Liema
YoungPappi Yolanda Meelay
Zee Fahima Yolanda

The fake nomimated houesemates are Lerato Modise, Fahima, PapaGhost, Yolanda, Taki and Neo. Remember, one of the three Disruptors will stay in the house while the other two get evicted this Sunday. The HoH did not get a save and replace this week.

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