BBMZansi 4: What viewers should anticipate

BBMzansi 4 (2024) is just around the corner but what are some of the viewers expecting?

After a successful completion of BBMzansi 3, BBMzansi 4 is set to return to our screens in just a few days from now. Just like the previous seasons, Big Brother Mzansi season 4 dubbed S’ya Mosha  is also expected to have a lot of twists that we haven’t seen before and of course unpredictable housemates.

Over social media, viewers have expressed their views on what they wanna see come 21 January 2024.

1. Ships

When people are confined to a house for 10 weeks, they are bound to build relationships of all kinds. Housemates tend to gravitate to each other and form relations in the capacity of friendships or siblingships. The audience ships these housemates as such because when they are together they provide a sense of companionship, giving each other the platform to confide in the other. Others simply gossip and bring the tea from a perspective we may not have seen. There is an unspoken expectation of allyship with these ships, and they are even more interesting to watch when that alliance comes to the test.

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2. Unique Housemates and personalities

Every season, Biggie welcomes an array of individuals who try their best to stand out from the crowd with their styles, antics, approach to handling matters in the house, and overall behaviour. Throughout each season, fans are entertained and frequently become enthralled with these fascinating personalities. These personalities create a dynamic and unpredictable environment in the house, as they clash and form alliances, keeping viewers hooked to their screens. Biggie is set to match the expectations of BBMzansi fans, as season 4 promises to be a potpourri of personalities who will shake up the screens and bring drama like never before.

3. Food fights

Wager losses often lead to housemates not having full access to all the perks Biggie gives them. This often leads to spicy arguments and tensions among the housemates. These create an intense and captivating atmosphere for viewers as they anticipate the next explosive confrontation. The anticipation of potential food fights and the resulting consequences of wager losses adds an exciting element to the show, leaving BBMzansi fans locked in on the show.

4. Diary sessions

The diary sessions are a crucial part of the housemates’ journey in the Biggie’s house as they use it as an opportunity to explain their side of the story about issues in the house as well as try to make sense of all the drama in the house. The tears, laughter, and other emotions expressed by the housemates in the diary room make for good tv and fans can’t wait to have more of it.

Big brother Mzansi Friday night games

5. Head of House games

HoH games take place every Monday night. Housemates face various challenges individually and must race against the clock to complete them.

Arena games big brother mzansiThe housemate that comes out victorious enjoys privileges in the house, and the highest one; immunity from eviction. This is the ultimate goal for each housemate, and for the stans at home, its an event that determines whether they get to rest, or get their thumbs working all week to vote to see their fav in the house for another week.

6.Wager presentation

This is the time housemates get to show off their various talents, creativity, and intellect. We also get to see people’s work ethic as they prepare for their presentation. Should Biggie be impressed with their showcase as per his brief, then the house enjoys money money money and a whole lot of food. Should they lose, however, well hide the eggs.

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7. Parties

Everyone loves a good house party. But there can only be one thing that is better than being there, that is watching one.
Big brother Mzansi Saturday night partyOf course we enjoy these for the music plugs and the vibes, but we also enjoy them for the mess that takes place after the groove. From the k!s-ses, the dance moves, the secret hookups, and the confrontations after one too many drinks, Biggie’s parties are the content.


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