BBMzansi: Previous housemates who defied the norms

sis tamara bbmzansi 3

BBMzansi is returning yet again with a number of housemates with unique characters

Big Brother Mzansi season 4 (bbmzansi) is fast approaching and Biggie is gearing up to deliver the most disruptive season yet, with twists when you least expect them, and unpredictable.

These housemates who we refer to as disruptors are individuals who have dedicated their lives and time in the Big Brother Mzansi house to challenge and disrupt the status quo. Let’s look at some of the housemates who have not only influenced but also reshaped popular cultural perspectives.

Spiritual Mphowabadimo

As the proudest ambassador of the underground gang, Mphowabadimo reigned supreme by clinching the season 3 victory of Big Brother Mzansi 3 (BBM). Breaking record as the first solo female winner, considering the introduction of BBMzansi Double Trouble, she openly identified herself as a “boring girl” dedicated to her spiritual work. Witnessing a proud sangoma, traditional healer, on their screens was highly unconventional for Mzansi, but her groundbreaking win has made it a norm. Shows like Izangoma Zodumo now thrive, showcasing spiritual healers who are both cool and successful.

Mpho Wa Badimo BBMzansi season 3 winner
Mpho Wa Badimo BBMzansi season 3 winner

Sis Tamara

Sis Tamara made history as the first openly queer housemate in Biggie’s house, passionately advocating for the existence of a queer body without apology. Beyond being the life of the pool party and Saturday night party with energetic dance moves and high heels,  Sis Tamara was fiercely competitive, making it known that he came not just to play but to win. His loveable personality shone in the house, becoming a positive representation for his community.

sis tamara bbmzansi 3


There were a lot of things about Themba that were unconventional, even earning himself the nickname, “The Ghost”. His quiet but confrontational demeanor was one, but his fashion sense definitely tops the list. “Get up, show up and glow up,” is the traditional phrase used by people who attempt to affirm themselves, but Themba had a different version. His version was “get up, dress up, and look good”. He understood his own assignment daily and hardly disappointed. Themba the tattoo artist was a walking talking masterpiece with a lot of visible tattoos on his body, which made him look like a Hip-Hop superstar, but surprisingly had a soulful singing voice. His tattoos became a hallmark of his brand, earning himself a reality TV show, Themba: My Inked World.

themba bbmzansi 3

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Ntombi and Ace

Soweto stood and loud and proud for their faves, Ntombi and Ace, whose authenticity and joy stole the hearts of South Africans everywhere. Remember their gratitude for biltong as a game prize that had Kay in stitches? The Diepkloof l0v3rz remained consistently themselves as they fought their way to the finale stage, becoming the season 2 winners of Big Brother Mzansi. Their relatability on the show was unfailing, and a r0mant!c guy from the Kasi was a new phenomenon on screen.

Ace and Nthombi, big brother mzansi double trouble winners
Ace and Nthombi, Lawrence Maleka (middle)


Terry came into the house and challenged stereotypes about adult content creation through her confidence and outspoken nature. The Only Fans content creator was not shy to answer questions about her work, even inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. She became good friends with Sis Tamara, creating an entertaining non-conforming duo. Terry was full of surprises, like when the guys found out she could f!ght. She spoke her mind, partied hard and played the game with all she had, the epitome of a fearless warrior.

terry big brother mzansi head of house

terry bbmzansi season 3

terry bbmzansi3

Big Brother Mzansi season 4 S’ya Mosha premieres this Sunday 21 January on Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 18:00.


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