Where is Big Brother Mzansi’s Mbali Nkosi?

Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate

Do you still remember Big Brother Mzansi Housemate Mbali Nkosi? Have you been wondering about her life after the Big Brother Mzansi House? Well, today we take a look at what transpired after she left Big Brother Mzansi in 2013.

Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate

Big Brother Mzansi is one of the Biggest reality TV show in South Africa and majority of the youth over the age 21 use the platform to rise to stardom although some fail to use the fame from the platform to harvest success. Today, we take a look at ex-Big Brother Mzansi Housemate Mbali Nkosi who was part of the house in 2013 and has since been in limelight ever since she left the BBMzansi house.

Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate
Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate
Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate


Mbali Nkosi’s fame may have begun in the Big Brother Mzansi house, where she left as the second runner-up, but her talents extended far beyond reality TV according to TheNation. One of her remarkable talents is her ability to write songs, making her a proficient songwriter.

Her journey into the world of entertainment began with her appearance on the Mzansi Magic aired Big Brother show, but this was only the beginning. While some reality TV stars faded away after their 15 minutes of fame, Mbali’s star continued to rise.

She has appeared on numerous TV shows, solidifying her presence in the South African entertainment industry.

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Born into a family of six children, with four sisters and a brother, Mbali Nkosi’s family plays an essential role in her life. While she remains relatively private about her family, she often acknowledges their importance. Her mother is late, and details about her father are not publicly available.

For her education, Mbali Nkosi started her journey at the Le Gal Dance Academy at the tender age of five. There, she honed her skills in various dance forms, including ballet, Spanish, tap, and modern dance.

Later, she attended Edenvale High School, where she completed her high school education in 2007. To further her academic pursuits, she pursued a degree in Somatology and Business Management at Boston City College in 2012.


Mbali Nkosi has also made appearances as a presenter on national roadshow programs, such as Coca-Cola for the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and ‘Mom and Me’ in the following year.

As a video vixen, she has been featured in music videos for renowned artists like Denim, Thembi Seetee, L’Vovo, Kwela Tebza, Pascoul, and Justin Chalice.

In 2013, Mbali ventured into screen acting, landing a minor role in ‘Rockville’ and subsequently appearing in the third season in 2015. In 2014, she joined the cast of ‘Generations’ and portrayed HR lady Brenda on ‘Zabalaza,’ a popular Mzansi Magic soap opera.

Additionally, she became a news anchor for ANNZ, a news channel, in December 2014.

Mbali Nkosi former big Brother Mzansi Housemate


These days, Mbali Nkosi is a multifaceted public figure known for her creativity as an actress and presenter who keeps herself busy as an award-winning businesswoman.

She’s not just a talented entertainer but also the founder of three successful ventures: clothing brand Emme Label, Azuri beauty bar, and the marketing agency Hotberry corporation.

Her thriving career extends beyond the spotlight, a testament to her continued success and influence in various industries.

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