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Makhekhe has no kind words for Neo’s exit.

Following the departure of Disruptors Fahima and Neo last night, Makhekhe reflected on his feelings about Neo’s exit.

He expressed a sense of relief that Neo had left, as it meant she wouldn’t be in a relationship with her fellow former disruptor, Taki. Makhekhe had been noticeably interested in Neo, which she was aware of.

At one point, she remarked, “Makhekhe’s only action is to look at me, shame.” However, Disruptor Neo ultimately chose Taki over him, and based on Makhekhe’s reflections last night, her decision left him feeling unsettled.

Makhekhe and Zee BBMzansi


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He has shifted his focus to a new prospect after both of the women he was interested in, Sammy_M and Disruptor Neo, exited the house without reciprocating his feelings. Referring to Disruptor Neo as his “enemy,” he expressed his frustration at her departure. Lerato Modise, who had entered the room at the time, chimed in, noting that it seemed like anyone who didn’t show interest in him ultimately ended up leaving the house.

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