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yolanda and Lerato

The Beef between Lerato Modise and Yolanda is gaining heights everyday.

Lerato Modise during in today’s emphasised her dislike for Yolanda. It’s unsurprising because in the garden yesterday, she stunned her fellow housemates when she spilled on her dislike of Yolanda and her energy, which she said gave her a headache!

Lerato Modise also explained that instead of being phony, she much rather prefered telling Yolanda to her face.

Later in the diary room, she conceded to Biggie that her dislike for Yolanda is a “me problem,” but also doubled down on how she really can’t stand Yolanda’s energy.

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As all things must be fair, Yolanda also got her opportunity to share her experience in the House. When quizzed about the tension between her and Lerato Modise, she didn’t hesitate to share. Further to her tales of butting heads with PapaGhost, she also told Biggie that she had already sensed animosity with Lerato Modise. “She’s been giving me the evil eye”, she recalled to Big Brother in the diary room.

Later, PapaGohost made an appearance on Liema’s list of people she is not gelling well with. And it’s mostly because the two of them are so similar. She revealed that she prefers things to go her way, and that having someone who wants to control things like him is fuels her dislike. The control issues in the house are also evident for Willy, who told Biggie that Yolanda has been focusing on the wrong things. He added that she needs to learn that she can’t always have things go her way.

On a lighter note, BravoB and Makhekhe seem to be a much-loved brotherhood in the S’ya Mosha house. The pals are evidently also fans of each other. In his diary session today, BravoB said Sammy_M and Makhekhe are the two people he has grown fond of Mali also added that she has managed to open up to BravoB and enjoys his sense of humor. The two gents are also liked by Mpumi, who has not fully opened herself up to other housemates.

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