Jareed’s Hope for Relationship with Liema Outside House

Jareed not yet given up on pursuing Liema

It seems Jareed is finding it hard to settle with either Mpumi or Liema.

During a conversation about ships, Zee asked Jareed  who he would choose between Liema and Mpumi. Despite sharing a special moment with Mpumi recently, Jareed admitted to missing Liema when he was with Mpumi and expressed hope for a relationship with Liema beyond the confines of the house.

Jareed talking about Liema Mpumi bbmzansi

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Zee advised him to be strategic in his actions but emphasized the importance of considering the consequences of his decisions outside the house. This exchange highlighted the complexities of Jareed’s r0mant!c entanglements within the house and the weight of his choices as the competition progressed.

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