VIDEO: Mpumi and Jareed finally get some

jareed and Mpumi

Mpumi and Jareed couldn’t hold it any further.

Mpumi and Jareed have been secretly pursuing their connection, although their actions haven’t escaped the notice of their fellow housemates. After pool parties or once ensuring Liema was asleep, Mpumi and Jareed would steal moments for clandestine rendezvous, often involving intimate encounters.

However, Mpumi’s actions ignited tension within the trio as her fling with Jareed came to light, sparking a rift between Jareed and Liema. Despite the conflict, Mpumi continued to enjoy moments with Jareed, both publicly and in secret, behind Liema’s back.

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Eventually, Mpumi’s nighttime escapades reached Liema’s ears, prompting an urgent ‘family meeting’ following the last Saturday Night Party. The revelation brought the simmering tension to a boiling point, exposing the complexities of their intertwined relationships within the house.

Last night, while Liema was in the kitchen with MCJunior, Mpumi and Jareed shared a Mjolo moment together. Mpumi initiated physical contact with Jareed, which became increasingly int!mate.

Watch Jareed and Mpumi Video Here:


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