Liema unhappy with Jareed and Mpumi “c*nd#m” saga

Liema and Sinaye talked about a “thing” that was found when Jareed and Mpumi came out of the same toilet.

In the morning, Liema revealed to Sinaye that she had found Jareed and Mpumi together coming from the same toilet, igniting controversy.

Adding fuel to the fire, Sinaye raised the issue of a c*nd#m found on the bathroom floor, prompting speculation.

Liema and Sinaye talking about Jareed and Mpumi

They debated whether the c*nd#m had been used, with many suspecting a prank and suggesting it had been tampered with, possibly filled with lotion.

Liema BBMZansi housemate

Liema’s discovery compounded the drama, leading to heightened scrutiny and unease among the ship’s occupants. Amidst the escalating turmoil, questions swirled about the true nature of the incident, leaving the atmosphere fraught with uncertainty and mistrust.

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