Els “Now I know Lawrence lies.”

els on Lawrence questions

The electrifying live show from last night sparked a tumultuous atmosphere in the house as Lawrence Maleka posed pivotal questions to the housemates regarding the week’s events. Among those questioned was Sinaye, whose name was unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight despite not being the primary focus of the inquiry.


After the show, Sinaye sought solace in a debriefing session with Taki in the HoH bedroom, wrestling with the feeling of being singled out yet again by Lawrence. Finding steadfast support in Taki, who struggled to comprehend Sinaye’s predicament given the pervasive nature of gossip in the house, Sinaye proceeded to express his frustrations with other housemates who had also come under scrutiny. Mich, cautioning against placing trust in superficial bonds, advised Sinaye. Els, echoing similar sentiments, expressed disbelief in Lawrence’s assertions, declaring, “Now I Know Lawrence Lies.”

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Meelay vehemently refuted Lawrence’s insinuations regarding her Saturday night party moment with PapaGhost, a sentiment strongly supported by McJunior regarding accusations against Makhekhe. Yolanda emerged as a staunch ally for Makhekhe, encouraging him to confront Lerato Modise and PapaGhost’s disparaging conduct. Conversely, PapaGhost sought to sever Makhekhe’s bond with Yolanda out of concern for manipulation, while Makhekhe asserted having a strategic advantage over Yolanda.

Sinaye speculated that Lawrence’s probing questions might unveil deeper strategies within the house. Could these inquiries potentially expose the strategies of other housemates as well?


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