Makhekhe and Chuenzaaa fight

Tension erupted in the house as Makhekhe confronted Chuenzaaa about a conversation following LeGhost’s eviction.

Chuenzaaa questioned Makhekhe about being bullied by PapaGhost, but Makhekhe defended their friendship, leading to disagreement. Tonight, Makhekhe sought clarification on Chuenzaaa’s remark calling him a doormat. Chuenzaaa admitted to negative comments about LeGhost.

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Makhekhe acknowledged this, even labeling himself a “traitor.” Lerato Modise expressed indifference to Chuenzaaa’s remarks. PapaGhost reassured Makhekhe, stating, “You did what you had to do to survive,” highlighting the complexity of relationships and strategies within the house.

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