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Makhekhe faced his biggest fear this week when confronted with snakes. Their presence as guests in the house was unsettling for him, made worse by a prank …

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Tension erupted in the house as Makhekhe confronted Chuenzaaa about a conversation following LeGhost’s eviction.

Chuenzaaa questioned Makhekhe about being bullied by PapaGhost, but Makhekhe defended their …

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Makhekhe expresses his displeasure at Willy and Yolanda swapping lips at last Thursday’s pool party.

Makhekhe and Yolanda had a conversation this morning in the garden, during …

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Makhekhe has no kind words for Neo’s exit.

Following the departure of Disruptors Fahima and Neo last night, Makhekhe reflected on his feelings about Neo’s exit.

He …

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