Something you didn’t know about the BBMzansi Housemates

bbmzansi housemates

Remaining faithful to the weekly theme, the BBMzansi housemates have dedicated moments throughout the day to acquaint themselves with one another, exposing unexpected details that keep us captivated.

The Disruptors have momentarily paused their mission, providing a significant respite for Disruptor Fahima. During this break, they seized the opportunity to connect over some of the most surprising aspects of their lives. Prior to joining the Big Brother house, Disruptor Neo, for instance, had a past life as a miniature Lebron James, honing her bouncing skills on the basketball court. Simultaneously, while she was shooting hoops, Disruptor Taki was engrossed in learning the art of plié in a ballet class. Despite his initial dance pursuits, Taki has since transitioned away from the dance floor and gracefully twirled his way into the realm of disruption.

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Chuenzaaa has undeniably injected a touch of glamour into the house, transcending beyond mere makeup advice for the girls. They’ve committed themselves to content creation, a pursuit that proved fruitful when they earned recognition with the prestigious 25 under 25 accolade. Winning this award was particularly affirming for them, as they had never anticipated any form of recognition in their life.

The day in Biggie’s house was eventful, culminating in the season’s inaugural Friday Night Arena Games sponsored by Lotto Star. Mich emerged triumphant, clinching the grand prize of R5,000. The housemates faced the challenge of completing four stages of the Soju Bomb game within three minutes. While McJunior initially held the lead after playing third, Jareed, the penultimate player, managed to surpass him, securing his position as the first member of the exclusive 5k club, bro.

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