Mich queries Chuenzaaa

mich and chuenzaaa misunderstanding

Mich opens up to Chuenzaaa in the closet

An apologetic Chuenzaaa confided in his friend Zee about a slip-up he made regarding his s3xuality with Mich and others, a topic that has been subtly circulating in the house. What bothered Mich was that Chuenzaaa made this mistake in front of the wrong audience.

Following a chance encounter in the closet late last night, just hours after the live eviction show, an evidently contrite Chuenzaaa extended his apologies to Mich, who appears to be finding it difficult to move past the incident. By this point, he had even discussed the matter with Yolanda, who expressed bewilderment over Chuenzaaa’s actions. On a slightly reassuring note, Zee confessed to Chuenzaaa that she, too, had slipped up in similar conversations around the house, advising him to allow Mich to express his frustrations and then revisit the issue in the morning.

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During their discussion, the two reflected on the instances when other housemates had questioned him about his s3xuality, noting his ambiguous responses and their swift efforts to dispel any rumors.

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