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disruptors up for rating

One Disruptor will join the rest of the Housemates to compete for the 2m grand prize

Towards the conclusion of tonight’s eviction broadcast, host Lawrence Maleka disclosed that this week, there won’t be any formal nominations, granting the housemates a much-needed respite.

Nevertheless, Big Brother has been exceedingly impressed by the Disruptors, leading to a decision to subject them to public scrutiny this week. Consequently, viewers will have the opportunity to determine which member of the disruptors will remain in contention for the grand prize.

Fahima, Neo, and Taki, known as the Disruptors, entered the show alongside 20 other housemates at the start and have served as Biggie’s undercover operatives since day one.

Their strategies have been put to the test through various challenges and covert tasks assigned by Big Brother. While some of their endeavors have been highly successful, others have left much to be desired.

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Evictions thus far have seen two housemates depart from the S’ya Mosha house since the show premiered two weeks ago. Mali was the first to depart, followed by tonight’s eviction of Sammy_M. Given that the housemates faced evictions in their inaugural week, it’s only fitting that they receive a break this week.

We wonder which Disruptor will ditch their Disruptor status and earn a seat in the running for the R2Million.

End Which Disruptor are you rating?
  • Neo
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    50% 50% 130/ 255
  • Fahima
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    4% 4% 11/ 255
  • Taki
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    44% 44% 114/ 255

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