Mpumi: A certain housemate is seeking my attention

Els and Mpumi

Mpumi is keeping the identity of an housemate who’s pursuing for a connection with her.

Els and Mpumi also had a moment of their own as they shared a duvet beneath the starry night sky. The source of tension revolved around a certain housemate who has been attempting to forge a connection with Mpumi. However, Mpumi asserts that she can see through the intentions of this unnamed individual.

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Lawrence’s recent revelations during the live eviction show have left everyone cautious within the house. Zee was observed reprimanding Young Pappi for persistently pressing her to disclose the identity of the housemate she suspects. “I don’t want the person to realize that I’m aware of their actions. You’re my friend, but we’re still competitors,” she firmly reminded him.


Mpumi and Els video



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