Solitude’s Call: Liema’s Reflection on Seeking Alone Time

lime asks for alone time

As darkness settled and the Comfort Fragrances competition concluded, the housemates gravitated towards their confidantes back at camp.

Liema nestled herself on the garden bench in solitude, which prompted her friend Sinaye to approach and inquire about her troubles. Following a brief conversation, it became evident that Liema was feeling overwhelmed by the limited space in the wilderness. “Inside the house it’s better because you can just go to your bed or lock yourself somewhere,” she explained. When Jareed attempted to join their conversation, the assertive bartender politely requested both men to give her some space.
liema and Jareed

Shortly after, McJunior was determined to engage in a meaningful conversation with Liema, unwilling to let her be. Perhaps it was his charisma and their mutual love for music that facilitated their connection, but McJunior succeeded in reaching Liema.

liema alone

“I’ve always known love, genuine love. I’ve never experienced being unloved, unappreciated, or unnoticed. I’ve never felt the need to prove myself. Even those I’ve been in relationships with showed me love,” Liema shared with McJunior.

However, she was quick to clarify that her remarks were not directed towards any specific individual but rather a general observation.

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