Mpumi and Yolanda involved in a heated exchange

Mpumi and Yolanda got in heated exchange about Mpumi’s alleged body odour

During the final hours of her tenure in the house, Lerato Modise found herself embroiled in spreading rumours about Mpumi’s alleged body odour, alongside other housemates such as HoH PapaGhost and Yolanda.

However, the dynamics of the rumor mill shifted dramatically when PapaGhost disclosed Yolanda’s involvement in spreading gossip about Mpumi to Mpumi herself. PapaGhost cautioned Mpumi to be cautious of Yolanda, who he claimed was tarnishing her reputation within the house. Following the shock of the eviction announcement, Mpumi and Yolanda engaged in a heated confrontation regarding Mpumi’s predicament.

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Mpumi expressed her disappointment in Yolanda for not addressing the issue directly with her, especially as fellow women. Yolanda swiftly attempted to deflect blame by revealing that PapaGhost was the source of the rumor. Yolanda then admitted to Mpumi her reluctance to confront her directly due to concerns that her tone might be misinterpreted. Yolanda claimed she sought out Lerato Modise, believing she would handle the matter with sensitivity.

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