Housemates get emotional after family Visits

Tonight, Makhekhe, Yolanda, and Zee were among the fortunate housemates who received visits from their family members. Makhekhe was visited by his niece, who offered him heartfelt advice to remain composed and stay focused, while also conveying the family’s longing for him.

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Yolanda was deeply moved by the emotional reunion with her mother. Unable to contain her emotions, she broke protocol of freezing and rushed towards her mother, falling to her knees and bowing in reverence as her mother sang a traditional Tshivenda song.

Yolanda bowing to her mother during her visit

Yolanda’s mum told her :

My daughter, I am incredibly proud of you. You are genuine, just as I’ve always known you to be. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing; continue being true to yourself, and know that we all take pride in you. Seeing you on TV fills me with joy, and I am here today solely because of you. Never did I imagine I would travel this far to see you; I journeyed all the way from Venda just to be with you.

I pray for you every day, and we all pray for you. Please never change a single thing about yourself; you carry yourself with grace and charm. I am amazed by your growth. Be patient, stay strong, and remain bold. Always remember that I love you dearly, my child, my youngest. People now recognize and appreciate me because of you… Be resilient, stay true to yourself… Just continue being the wonderful person you are. Take care.

Both Yolanda and Zee, who also received a visit from her mother, were overcome with tears as they listened to the words of wisdom and encouragement from their loved ones.

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