Jareed promises to do Mpumi at 2am but ‘deep sleep’ interrupted

jareed and mpumi

Sleep disrupts Jareed and Mpumi’s plan to have ‘Some’

Dressed in red lingerie and wrapped in a black satin robe, Housemate Mpumi was prepared to surprise Jareed with some intimate moments, but unfortunately, sleep overtook her.

Jareed and Mpumi had schemed to share a private moment under the duvet since the pool party, but Liema remained vigilant, keeping watch over her partner. During the pool party, Mpumi invited Jareed to follow her, but Liema intervened, and they ended up kissing moments after Mpumi’s departure. Upon returning, Mpumi found them engrossed in romantic interaction and decided to change her course.

Despite Mpumi’s continued interest, hindered by Liema’s vigilance, she attempted another approach through Els, via Young Pappi. Young Pappi arranged for Jareed to meet Mpumi in the changing room, where she awaited him in her red lingerie and black robe. Jareed proposed waiting until Liema fell asleep to avoid involving her due to her ongoing strike.

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They waited for Liema to doze off, but her sharp gaze indicated she was onto their plan, so she pretended to sleep while keeping an eye on Jareed’s bed.

Eventually, Liema drifted off, and Jareed confirmed by kissing her forehead before turning his attention to Mpumi. He suggested waiting another 30 minutes, until 2 a.m., to ensure Liema was deeply asleep before proceeding.

However, as Mpumi waited for the time to pass, she fell into a deep slumber, still dressed in her lingerie.


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